A video biography is a lot more than just videography; it is a personal documentary filled with interviews, photographs, narration, archival footage, home videos, and music that is produced and edited into artistic, television-quality documentaries. Think of your family scrapbook on steroids. It comes to life, it speaks, it sings, and it tells stories to you and to generations to come. It’s an awesome way to preserve and share memories. It’s one of those, “Just Gotta Have It,” kind of gifts, for which you will never experience a moment of regret.

In life we can expect some big-ticket items: college education, wedding, purchasing a house, buying a luxury car or boat, getting that much-needed facelift. These big-ticket items cause U.S. consumers to ask themselves, “Can I afford this?” Some folks are lucky enough to have disposable income for these kinds of purchases; some can only dream; while others, even in this lousy U.S. economy, embrace the notion that some items - even though considered “luxury” - are worth every penny… especially if they impact our lives in a positive way.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, wouldn’t an entire video biography/documentary be worth at least several thousand dollars? Are your family memories worth as much, or more, than a sub-compact car? If the answer is “yes,” then you are the perfect candidate for a video biography.

Brian image

Think about it this way. Education is of paramount importance, but you have a choice: state-subsidized or private university.

Weddings are matters of the heart, so standing before the Justice of the Peace is just as legal and binding (not to mention cheaper) as a $16 million extravaganza.

I suppose a 1,300 square-foot house is big enough for a family of four, but 6,000 square feet is even nicer, especially when you have more bathrooms than bedrooms, as well as heated Pietra Firma LuxTouch tile on the outside balcony to ensure your comfort on cool evenings.

When it comes to economy and ecology, we owe it to this planet to buy sub-compact hybrid cars with great gas mileage, but oh… the feel of that Rolls Royce car seat with its 400 pieces of German Bavarian bull leather on your skin is just too glorious.

Speaking of cars and skin - my face needs more than a nip-‘n’-tuck, it requires a complete overhaul. Do I choose the cheapest plastic surgeon, or the guy who did Raquel Welch’s work? I’m going with the latter.

So, this brings us to the question: “Can money make us happy?” Maybe not entirely, but it can make the journey to find happiness a lot more comfortable and interesting. And once more it can finance extraordinary memories. I’m not talking about scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef or skydiving into the Haleakala Crater in Maui; I am talking about capturing a lifetime of memories and sharing them with family and friends.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Professional SEO Companies

Conventional advertising channels such as print media, TV and radio can reach thousands of people, but with very little targeting. However, SEO uses search terms and different platforms to target the relevant buyers. For example, social media can be used to find an audience that could be interested in buying your products and/or service. Therefore, it offers an effective way of getting more people finding your brand. SEO services are increasingly becoming a popular marketing strategy. To achieve the best results, businesses are outsourcing the process to companies that specialize in SEO as opposed to hiring in-house personnel. The benefits of outsourcing to professional SEO companies include:

· Provide quality services

Businesses that choose to outsource SEO services can expect to yield higher returns. This is made possible by the fact that well-established companies have competent employees. In addition, they are innovative and offer high quality work. Therefore, when a business outsources its SEO services it is assured of hiring experts who are knowledgeable in their job. All established companies are well equipped to handle comprehensive tasks required in SEO.

· Efficient handling of online marketing

SEO outsourcing ensures search engine optimization, social media, e-commerce, online popularity needs and internet marketing. The internet and business website play an important role in reaching out to the wider audience that you are unlikely to access using other techniques. An SEO company that has the necessary skills plays an important role in targeting internet users. They ensure a great website that will offer the best marketing face.

· Provide a comprehensive service

Outsourcing SEO services ensures experts who are well-trained and experienced handle varied responsibilities. Some of the professionals you are likely to benefit from include copywriters, web designers, content writers, bloggers and social media experts. This team of experts ensures all SEO challenges faced by client business are dealt with comprehensively.

· Offer competitive rates

Any business that is seeking to develop its business online should hire the right services. When choosing a service provider the cost of the service comes to play. The business needs to cut costs and thus affordable services are the way to go. However, when choosing a company avoid a company that offers cheap rates. Make sure to find a company that will provide the right solution that will help your business achieve its goals. The reason for outsourcing SEO services is to ensure better investment returns as opposed to cutting costs.

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Why Forex Beats Stock and Commodity Markets

It is basically fact that the forex market (Foreign Currency Exchange Market) consistently outperforms the stock and commodity markets. This may be something you have heard before, and most likely assumed that was biased. There are however currently so many advantages with the forex market, that it is not hard to see the benefit of investing.

The forex market is truly a 24 hour market which never sleeps - as the sun is setting in one part, the sun is coming up in another. Although the market has cycles- peaks and troughs like any other market, it is not locked into the ‘bull vs bear’ mentality of the stock exchange. As forex is essentially the trading of one’s currency for another, this means when one currency is struggling another is profiting. Further to this the market is not affected by rising interest rates- as this has little bearing on the value of currency. In fact if anything rising interest rates tend to strengthen the currency, as opposed to the stock market in which it has a negative effect.

Currently the combined number of different stock issues on the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges totals approximately 8000. This is a massive marketplace, and it takes considerable time and effort to accurately monitor the entire stock market. In Forex there are essentially 4 main currencies and 34 second tier currencies which drive the marketplace. One does not need brokerage firms to make a profit in currency trading. Brokerage and commission fees are essentially non existent, and if anything analysts provide information on trends of the currency market, rather than dictating where it should be heading.

The commodity robot review is the ideal platform for anyone seeking a more stable investment. When it is compared with the stock and commodity markets it is plain to see the benefits.

Forex Trading Robot - a Free Proven System For Big Long Term Gains

Forex trading robots are all the rage and there are many to choose from but most don’t work - this one does and best of all its free and has been proven to work and has been the basis of successful many trading systems over the last 30 years…

Let’s make a couple of points about this forex trading system before we look at it:

The system we are going to look at is extremely simple. In fact, you can do the calculation in your head and don’t even need software but don’t be deceived by its simplicity, all the best forex trading systems are simple, as they are more robust, in the brutal real world of forex trading with fewer elements to break than complicated ones.

Also don’t be put off by the fact its 30 years old. Sure, we have seen huge advances in currency forecasting in this period but that means nothing in terms of profit, as the same ratio of traders win today as they did 30 or 50 years ago - just 5%

OK let’s look at this forex trading robot. Commodity Robot Review

It was developed by the grandfather of modern trend following Richard Donchian, when he was looking at repetitive cycles in commodity trading and although developed to trade commodity markets, it will work on ANY Trending market.

As currencies trend so well, it is an ideal long term trend following system to use for profit.

Here is the rule of the system and there is only one:

Buy a new 4 week calendar high and go long and go short on a new 4 week low. This is a stop and reverse trading system and maintains a position in the market at all times.

Simple? Sure it is, but this system called the 4 Week Rule (for obvious reasons) is based on sound logic:

1. Its based on currencies will always exhibit a long term trending nature trending for weeks, months or years
2. Its based on a breakout methodology which always works

Test it and you will see how effective it is at catching and holding long term trends. It’s not perfect of course (no system is) and when markets don’t trend it can get chopped about but you can counter this by using an exit filter. Simply exit on a 1 or 2 week cycle (or short term moving average) and go flat then wait for the next 4 week signal to trigger your trading signal.

This forex trading robot is very robust and works and you can test it and see.

The fact that its successful though doesn’t mean many traders will use it even though it makes money and here is why:

1. They dismiss it (wrongly) as to simple work

2. Traders like more complicated systems, with fancy names as it makes them feel safe, although they rarely work

3. Its brutally objective and most traders don’t have the discipline to execute in line with the signals

4. Its not fussy about market timing and most traders like to try and predict market tops and bottoms, even though this is not possible.

5. It doesn’t trade often so does not please the action trader - but that’s not really a problem, as you are only judged on profits with your market timing

6. Its not trendy with a fancy name. Of course this means nothing but traders love systems that sound clever like neural networks or ones based on chaos theory etc even though they don’t work!

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Easy And Doable Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is probably number one on every woman’s wish list. Who doesn’t want a slimmer, healthier body? However, losing weight can be a difficult task for any woman, no matter how determined. That’s why today, we will be giving you a few weight-loss tips to bring that bikini body one step closer to you.

Exercise, exercise, exercise The Venus Factor

You’ve heard it before, and that’s because it’s an effective way of losing weight. Time and time again, it has been proven that exercise plays a large factor in weight loss. The short-term benefits of exercise include the improvement of your circulatory and respiratory functions. When performed regularly, the long-term effects of exercise include increased circulation and significant drops in blood pressure. Even a fifteen-minute round of brisk walking can triple your metabolic rate.

Since even the word exercise makes some people run for the hills, it’s important that you choose a regimen that interests you. Try going on evening walks with your spouse, or getting one of your friends to sign on as your gym buddy!

Diet - but do it properly

Nowadays, with the advent of fad diets, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye. Still, it’s better to eat moderate portions than to go on crash diets which may cause more harm than good. To eat moderately, try ordering smaller portions than you normally would, or share with a friend.

Another diet plan is to space out your meals. Eating small but frequent meals spread throughout the day helps stave off cravings and hunger pangs, and will also boost your metabolism. Speaking of which…

Boost your metabolism

First, it’s important to know how metabolism works. Quite simply, it is the process where the food we consume is turned into energy we use. When the energy we use is less than our food intake, the extra energy is stored as fat.

According to studies, women lose weight at a lesser scale than men. There are several possible reasons behind this. Studies have shown that men have generally less body fat as compared to women. Men, being more muscular, have a higher metabolic rate, allowing them to drop pounds faster. Additionally, there have been reports that show women’s bodies are biologically wired to rely more on fat as fuel. That means women need to exert a little more effort when trying to boost their metabolism.

So how do you get your metabolism pumped up? A few foods, such as coffee and chili peppers, have been shown to raise metabolic processes by stimulating the body. Changing your caloric intake on a regular basis may also have a positive effect, as the body may adjust to dieting by decreasing its metabolic rate.

The most foolproof way though, is to combine all methods into a personalized plan that is realistic and doable for you. As with all things in life, we have to make sacrifices to achieve our goals. In this case, weight loss may be a tough challenge, but the result of a happier, healthier you is worth every effort.

Leptin Hormone And Its Effect On The Body

We all are pestered with weight issues at some point of time but we never get to the bottom of the reason. There is a particular hormone which goes by the name of Leptin and it is basically the most active hormone that is involved in the process of losing weight in men as well as women. Now apparently, it is quite evident that the method of losing weight at a fast pace has got something to do with this hormone. Thus, let us throw light on the characteristics of this hormone and ascertain as to how it is an effective starting point towards losing weight within a very short span of time.

Characteristics of Leptin the Venus Factor

There are basically two levels of Leptin that are present inside the body of a human being. The division of Leptin inside the body might be uncertain but what we can tell you is that high levels of Leptin fasten the metabolism process inside males and females which in turn, fastens the weight-losing process altogether. On the other hand, low levels of Leptin present in the body assist in storing the excess fat and ensure that it is used in a beneficial way. There is a particular medium through which, Leptin sends signals to the body.

But the difference lies in the efficiency of the signals in the case of a male and a female. Apparently, the body of a male is three times more receptive to the signals that are being sent by Leptin. But on the contrary, the amount of Leptin hormones present in females is twice as that of males. Now, the next section of the article will show how tough it is for women to lose weight and will suggest effective ways to cope with the same.

Tougher for women to lose fat

There is a condition known as Leptin Resistance as per which, women are unable to burn fats at a fast pace as compared to that of men. But even if the metabolic system of women is three times less receptive as compared to that of men, women have two times more Leptin hormones. The presence of Leptin resistance is ascertained by detecting a squishy and soft fat which bears the shape of cottage cheese. But as a matter of fact, Leptin Resistance is basically 1 of the 2 problems which hinder the weight loss capacity of women.

The second problem occurs during the process of dieting. According to research, it has been found that the levels of Leptin can drop by twice the rate of that in men. Regardless to say, as soon as there is a drop in the levels of Leptin, the rate of metabolism suffers a massive breakdown. On the other hand, the levels of Leptin do not hinder the rate of metabolism in men when they opt for diet plans.

Hence, it is much more tedious for women to lose weight than men but if the right diet and research is done, then this problem can be tackled easily.

The Demonization Of Genital Herpes

Those of us who have so-called “genital herpes” are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand we are ostracized by the minority of the population (about 40%) who don’t currently have herpes simplex in their body, which is bad enough, but more cruelly we are often isolated by our fellow members of the herpes community who have so-called cold sores (heroes simplex 1 of the mouth and face). Frankly the lack of support form the majority of population who has cold sores bothers me far more than the stigma placed on me by unsympathetic members of the uninfected population. After-all they don’t know what it feels like to have herpes so I can cut them some slack. But for those of you who have cold sores and continue pretending that you don’t have herpes and who distance yourselves from those who have their outbreaks genitally rather than facially- shame on you. If it wasn’t for your unwillingness to come to terms with the reality of your herpes infection, the herpes community would be a more united majority of the population far more empowered to boldly go out into the community and reject the unjust and irrational stigma placed on people with herpes.

Sixty percent of the population has herpes. We are living in a herpes nation. There is no reason for us to be a despised minority. If we were more united and more out of the closet we would be in a so much better position to inspire understanding and support from those who do not have herpes. We would be better able to educate young people on herpes prevention and herpes awareness. We would be better able to reach out to the people with herpes who have had their self-esteem devastated.

So-called cold sores are herpes. I have had too many people in my clinic and through the Internet say to me, “I don’t have herpes, I’ve never had an STD, but I do get these cold sores on my lips”.

Herpes is herpes whether you get your outbreaks above the waist or below the waist. It’s true that people with type 1 herpes of the mouth and face often have fewer outbreaks than people with herpes type 2 of the genitals, but it is also true that herpes of the mouth and face is just as contagious if not more so than genital herpes. It is also true that many people with type 1 herpes of the mouth and face shed virus without symptoms and are giving many people type 1 herpes on their genitals from oral sex. It is also true that herpes of the mouth and face can spread to parts of the body that genital herpes rarely ever spreads to including the nostrils and into the brain, the hands and fingers, down the esophagus and into the stomach, into the eyes, and elsewhere.

Forex Signals Review - Discovering The Suitable Forex Signals For You

Foreign exchange market as the biggest financial market in the world attracts so many people in the world to join the crowd in their adventure to find gold mines in the market. However, it is not as easy as we think. To be successful in foreign exchange market we need a set of tools as our weapons. We also need strong determination, sufficient knowledge, sharp intuition and enough time to follow and capture any opportunities provided by the market every day. For some people who can’t be patient to jump into the wagon of forex market may need what we call forex signals review.

Forex signals reviews will help you out in your journey to discover the best and most suitable signal services available on the internet. As we know, these indicators will assist some people who still lack of the above mentioned prerequisites to be successful in foreign exchange market. These services will also be useful for those who don’t have enough time to analyze foreign exchange market and the currency pairs they want to trade. Anyway, as with other internet business, there are so many scam artists claim that their services are the best, promising its visitors that they will double sizing the visitors money with their signals. To take the edge off the risk of being manipulated by such scam artists, you need to find some reliable forex signal reviews.

wealthy trader reviews

This could be challenging as well. When you ask your favorite search engine on forex signals review, you will land on some website pages regarding this matter; unfortunately some of forex signal reviews aren’t objective. The possibility is they are sponsored by some forex signal services, not independent ones. There’s a dead cat on the line. It will be better for you to click away these web pages when you read the review is somewhat having tendencies and persuading you to purchase the signal services. Anyway, it will be fine if the promoted services are well-know and good ones. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and money, a lot of them.

Therefore, try your dead level best to find the good and honest forex signals review. In my experience, trader forums are the best ones. Most of members are honest when telling their own experiences and reviews on any products related to trading world. From now on, just be active in trader forums. You may need some good information in those forums.

Forex Trading - Why Some Personalities Are Almost Certain To Fail

Many people in the forex industry will tell you that everyone has the potential to become a profitable forex trader. However I don’t agree with this at all because there are certain people out there who simply do not have the right character traits to succeed.

As I have pointed out many times before in previous articles, it is believed that only around 5% of people who trade forex are actually profitable. Therefore a whopping 95% of people end up losing money. There are obviously many reasons why this is the case. It’s mainly down to the fact that the system they use is unprofitable in the long run. However the personality of the trader also plays a major part.

To succeed in this very challenging industry you obviously need a great deal of discipline, as well as a real determination to succeed. Hardly anyone is profitable straight away. In fact it can take some people months, if not years, to come up with a profitable trading system. However if you don’t remain committed to the cause, then you will never fulfil your dream of becoming a wealthy and successful trader.

It’s not just about finding a profitable system either. Some people will develop what appears to be a highly profitable system and still manage to lose money. This is because they will often lose their discipline after a few losing trades and start chasing their losses, placing impulsive and reckless trades. They may even keep switching to different trading methods all the time in order to find ‘the perfect system’ that hardly ever loses. The fact is that some people cannot handle losses very well at all.

Successful traders, however, will learn to accept them because there isn’t a trading method out there that is able to generate winning trades every single time. They know that in the long run the winning trades will more than compensate for the losing ones.

So before you start developing a serious interest in forex trading, you should ask yourself whether you have the motivation and the required discipline needed to succeed. It takes a certain type of person to not only find a profitable system in the first place, but also to stick to this system when it goes through a bad patch, which it inevitably will do at some point. If you can handle losing trades and have a determination to succeed then you may well join the 5% of traders who are making a very good living from currency trading.


Are You Ready For A Smart Tablet?

Like its older brother the iPhone, the Apple iPad is catching on like wildfire. As is normal to suit, competitors are cropping up with their own smart tablets with a myriad of functions, styles, and capabilities. If you’ve been on the outside cautiously looking in and think you may be ready to invest in one of these hi-tech new gadgets. Read on and find out exactly what you’re in for.

What should you expect in a Smart Tablet?

Endless access to software. Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market are expanding at exponential rates. Best thing regarding this is that there are thousands of useful and fully functional apps that are absolutely free.

It should be noted that most current generation apps were developed to work at the small resolution of smart phones, and not tablets. Some units, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, will zoom in and enlarge the app interface to match the tablets screen size. A definite plus is that the applications still appear sharp without any jagged edges.

Expect to see developers begin to develop apps at native tablet size resolutions as the units’ adoption rates continue to rise.

Multimedia capabilities. While most tablets will work perfectly fine with a decent set of headphones or ear buds, don’t expect too much from the built-in speakers. They will get the job done, just not in any spectacular way. Sound will not carry clearly much farther from where they are.

Video, on the other hand, will shine with these devices. To compliment the typically great display panels, the ability to play almost any media file such as DivX, MP4, WMV, Xvid, and even HD H.264 files run very cleanly. Some units (again such as the Galaxy Tab), have hardware output options so you can dock the tablet to your HDMI enabled HDTV.

What should you not expect in a Smart Tablet?

Making phone calls. Realistically, these devices can range from 7 to 9 inches wide. Holding it up to your head would not only be uncomfortable, but also quite ridiculous looking. That being said, at the time of this writing, tablet devices are incapable of natively making voice calls. It should be noted that this is only true for North American units. A select few European models actually can make phone calls.

A cheap price. About as far from inexpensive as you can get for a hand-held gadget. Tablets typically range anywhere from $500 - $700, not including the monthly data plan you will need from a wireless service provider. Early adopters will always pay a premium.

Across the board compatibility. Units have differences in hardware that prevent standard accessories like USB data cables and AC chargers from being interchangeable, requiring you to buy specially made ones from the manufacturer. A so, a still hot topic of some regard is the iOS (for iPad) does not support the Flash Player.

Do your research.

To make an informed choice about getting a new smart tablet, invest some time reviewing the features. Make note of any hot selling points from the manufacturer, these may not always be of use to you. The best source of unbiased information will typically come from user forums and product reviews. Carefully read what others are saying about the tablet you may be interested in. Are there any known widespread issues that may affect the way you intended to use it? Overall is it worth the price?

Finally, keep in mind that a gadget is just that…a gadget. While you may feel like you absolutely had to have the gadget when you purchased it, may end up sitting around the house unused after a few months. Give it some thought.