Windows and Linux VPS are quite well known as cost effective hosting solutions for businesses. A large number of web developers use VPS rather than going for shared or dedicated servers because of the cost effectiveness and the useful features that it offers. Both of them work with a different operating system and so the features that they offer are different. Linux is a free and an open source system while Windows is more commercial. There is a difference in the pricing of both these systems as well so you will have to keep quite a lot of different factors in mind while selecting one. Windows VPS

Choose One that Suits Your Requirements

Whether you select Linux VPS or you go for Windows, you will have to ensure that the one you select will suit your necessities. Your website should have the ability to handle a large number of visitors. Linux will be suitable for those who don’t really have very specific or high requirements and want a system on a low budget. Since Windows is utilized by quite a lot of people you will be able to serve all users utilizing Windows. However, Linux offers a cost effective solution with good performance levels.

Easy Utilization and Reliability

Those who don’t really have much knowledge regarding site administration should go with Windows since they can easily handle remote desktop access that it comes with. If you have some basic knowledge about text commands then you can use Linux VPS. If you are looking for reliability then Linux would be a good solution for you since Windows does not provide 100% uptime. Also, as Linux is an open source solution you will be able to modify it as per your requirements so that it can handle programs, software and higher load with less space utilization.

Selecting a hosting solution should ultimately be about your needs. Windows offers Access support and Microsoft SQL but you will still have to pay a little extra for it. If budget is your main constraint then Linux would be an ideal solution for you since it offers the features and power of Windows without the price. Think about your preferences and your requirements before you start considering any option. No matter what kind of VPS solution you select, you will be able to utilize several great benefits and features along with considerable savings. If you research well about the pros and cons of each it would be easier for you to decide between Windows and Linux VPS.